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The Nebraska HIPAA SNIP Task Group has been established to meet the immediate need to assess HIPAA Administrative Simplification implementation readiness and to bring about the coordination necessary for successful compliance. Membership to Nebraska SNIP is open to any individual or organization that demonstrates an interest in the health care industry in Nebraska.

Members of the Nebraska SNIP Task Group may use the resources to further their HIPAA Administrative Simplification readiness and assist other members in their efforts. Members may not use the Nebraska SNIP Task Group resources for commercial, marketing or recruiting activities outside the intent for which the resource was developed.

Yahoo Groups Policy:
Yahoo Groups were established as a method to communicate and distribute information among Nebraska SNIP Task Group members. Use of Yahoo Groups will be limited to activities of the Nebraska SNIP and members.

Individuals may join any of the Work Group Yahoo Group lists. Individuals that join must identify themselves to the list moderators.

Only Yahoo Group members may post messages to their group.

Only members of the Nebraska SNIP Steering will receive the Steering Committee Yahoo Group messages.

Individuals (or e-mail address') that do not identify themselves will be removed from the Yahoo Group list. They may join at a later date when they identify themselves.

Individuals that use the Yahoo Groups for other than Nebraska SNIP activities will have their Yahoo Group mail moderated. Such individuals are also subject to being banned from Yahoo Group. Banned e-mail addresses may not join at a later date.

Yahoo Group moderator may use discretion in determining status of individuals for group participation.

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